About Us

In India, we are the top manufacturers of food trucks. Azimuth Business On Wheels is a premier manufacturing and customization company founded in 2016 to make all different types of business mobile. We customize and construct Food Carts, Pushcarts, Trailers, and Containers. We provide custom-made automobiles for many aspiring entrepreneurs and well-known brands. Our products, including Food Trucks, Mobile Pet Grooming Vans, Mobile Food Trailers, and Low-Cost Food Carts, are very well-liked in the food and business sectors. Our team of professionals helps the customers choose the ideal vehicle based on their business needs, which can then be customized and made following their preferred business pitch. We are establishing a profitable mobile food business model for the beverage and food sector.

Our Services

We provide complete turnkey operations, from desk to road. Meeting, discussion, money allocation, truck delivery, and branding. In building the trucks for our customers, we also help them with after-sales support. By assisting firms in the culinary, makeover, film, and arts industries, we hope to carve out a space for ourselves in the fabrication industry. Three of our workshops are in India. Noida is home to our primary production facility. Erode, Tamil Nadu, is home to our South Fabrication workshop, while Goa is the location of our third workshop.

Innovative People

Our Founder, Puneet Anand is the captain of this ship. With a career of over 20 years at sea, Puneet was keen on improving and transforming the business space in Food and Beverage and Service Industry. With his acumen of modern engineering-based car and vehicle customization, Azimuth is now one of the best fabricators in India. Puneet and his team of highly experienced workforce have been able to build and deliver the best food trucks, retail trucks for top companies and brands in India. 

Who We Serve?

  • Qmin (taj hotels) 
  • Starbucks 
  • 24Seven 
  • Haldiram 
  • Nazeer 
  • Bercos 
  • WAFL 
  • ColorBar 
  • Chai Point 
  • Kylin 
  • Emoi 
  • Burp 
  • My Love Triangle 
  • Nestle Milo 
  • Velvett Spa 
  • Zigly 
  • MagicVets 
  • Wuerth 
  • Pansari Industries 
  • BCH Electric Ltd 

Why Us?

The customers can select Azimuth Business on Wheels as their manufacturers and fabricators because:

  • The best cars at affordable prices
  • Fully operating, spotless trucks of high grade
  • Each client and their truck or van receive individualized attention.
  • There have been thorough quality and safety tests.
  • For the bespoke van or truck, the best grade of furnishings, kitchen fittings, and accessories
  • Optimized and contemporary truck interior designs guarantee simple, Error-free operation, minimal flaws, good ventilation, lighting, and seats, as well as profitable food truck operations.

Our proucts
We have a team of professionals, who constantly bring the most recent range of items to market in order to meet the market demands for innovative solutions. In order to guarantee a proper flow of goods, we also maintain a strong supply chain management.
Controller Card
V3F Elevator Controller Panel
Home Lift Control Panel
Single Core Wire Harness
Veggies and Fruit custom truck
Fresh Fruits, Veggie and Grocery Truck
Mobile Beverage Van
Nestle Milo Medium Size Van.
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